Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt
Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt
Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt
Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt
Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt
Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt

Locker - Rear Diff: 1-Bolt

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SubieLiftOz are the Australasian distributor for the TL-R160 TORQ Locker

The TORQ Locker is the most advanced, strongest, highest quality automatic locking differential on the market

The TorqMasters TorqLocker is an auto locker, so it's constantly locked & when you go around corners it automatically unlocks

They are extremely reliable, far more reliable than air lockers or e-lockers which both have reliability issues. They're also much cheaper, both to purchase & to install.


The locker is most noticeable with a clicking noise in slow, tight turns like in carparks or pulling out of a side street

It takes a little bit of getting used to, and does get quieter as it beds in. I found you just need to adjust your driving style slightly, so you accelerate less while turning. It’s noisiest while turning sharply under hard acceleration

In medium speed corners and up, it’s not noticeable at all

The clicking is much quieter with the proper oil. Use a quality 80W-140 diff oil like Penrite Pro Gear 80W-140. Don’t use anything thinner



There is no effect on onroad handling even when wet when driven normally. I can’t vouch for those who like to drift haha



Comparison Video SF/SG Foresters:

Video of the locker in action vs viscous LSD rear diff vs open rear diff.

All cars have the same centre diff (factory 4kg) & same front diff (open):


SJ Diesel Forester on tough rutted climb:

(Clicking noise at 1:06 min)



There are 3 main types of Subaru rear diff - 1 bolt, 5 bolt, and VA225. Each needs a different locker

You can check by sticking your head under the back of the car & having a look to positively confirm (see photos)

NOTE: Please check carefully, there are no refunds for ordering the wrong type (due to this being abused by a few, ruining it for the rest)



You will need to check whether you have an open or viscous LSD diff.

Most models are open (eg SF and SH, SJ, SK Forester).

A viscous LSD was fitted as standard to 03-08 SG Foresters (some ’03 SG Foresters have an open rear diff), some H6 Outbacks, WRXs and a few other models.

  • Jack up the rear wheels & spin a wheel in one direction
  • If it's open the other wheel will spin in the opposite direction.
  • If it's LSD they will both spin in the same direction.

If LSD, find an open 5 bolt diff from another model with the same diff ratio (see list). Also check the tailshaft flange is the same size

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